Island Camping Titicaca


We invite you to live the experience of a life time and participate in a Polynesian outrigger crossing of Lake Titicaca, camping on spectacular beaches. 

A full tour of three days and two nights, the idea being to time it to the monthly glow of a full moon, that will captivate your wildest imagination.


Day 1

It is recommended to arrive in Puno the night before to acclimatise as much as possible.
Briefing at the hotel at dinner time to detail the adventure to the passengers. 


Day 2

This day we started paddling early 

5.00 am      Breakfast at the hotel.

6.00 am      Meeting at the pier of the Libertador hotel.

6.30 am      We start paddling towards Llachon.

8.30 am      Aproximatley at this time we make a brief stop on the floating islands of Uros Tikina, to  eat a snack and get to know this
                    particular floating island away from the rest.

9.00 am      We continue paddling the last part towards Llachon.

12.00 am     Approximately, at this time, we arrive to the beach, our first campsite.

1.00 pm        A generous lunch is served.
                     Free afternoon to relax, visit the community of Llachon.
                     Do SUP ( stand up paddle ).

6.30 pm       Dinner is served in this case a delicious  BBQ.
                     We carry a telescope  for night activities.


Day 3

7.00 am        Buffet breakfast begins.

9.00 am        We star to paddle a short stretch to the southern end of the island of Taquile, a hidden beach that will be our second Campsite.

11.00 am       Arrive at the Campsite in Taquile.

12.30 pm      Lunch begins to be served.
                     Free afternoon to contemplate, do SUP or visit the Interesting community of Taquile and know this mythical Island.

5.30 pm       Tea time, a lunch, hot drinks and cookies are served.

6.30 pm       Dinner begins to be served.
                     Night activities, stargazing.


Day 4

6.00 am       Buffet breakfast begins.

7.30 am        We start rowing back to Puno, until the wind blows and we unfold the sails to navigate pushed by the breeze that will increase as the
                     day passes.

11.00 am      We arrive at the beach of Luqina where we will serve a lunch.

12.30 pm     We begin to row and sail to Puno.

2.30 pm       Approximately we arrived at the pier.        

End of our services


Important points to consider

Safety is our priority, so at all times we are followed by a support motor boat; It is one of the boats that take passengers to the islands of Tauquile and Amantani, large boats with the ability to load equipment, bathrooms, staff and paddlers in case of emergency.

It is considered a medium moderate paddling and requires to have aregular physical condition. The idea is that the safety boat follows us, to relieve paddlers in each canoe, provide water, snacks and baths when necessary.