Full moon rowing  and camping on Lake Titicaca


We invite you to live the experience of a life time and participate in a Polynesian outrigger crossing of Lake Titicaca, camping on spectacular beaches.

A full tour of three days and two nights, the idea being to time it to the monthly glow of a full moon, that will captivate your wildest imagination.


Day 1:

It is recommended to arrive in Puno the night before to acclimatise as much as possible. There are a few different options within the city. We recommend the Hotel Libertador, located on the Island of Esteves. Its comfortable, spacious and with great customer orientated service. Our base of operations is located in the same property. During that first day it is highly recommended to rest, hydrate and eat hearty but healthy meals.


Day 2:

An early start to ensure ideal conditions. Shortly after breakfast we will head towards the Llachon peninsula, to the small town of Capachica. The town is located about 26km away and the distance will be covered in two stages. The first stage will finish at the Floating Islands of Uros Tikina, around 15km from the starting point, where some light snacks will be served.

After that we will head on to our final destination of the day, a beautiful secluded beach, where we will be greeted with a delicious lunch and introduced to our quiet little camp site.

The afternoon is free for those that wish to rest but visits to the local Llachon community are highly recommended!


Day 3:

After an energy filled breakfast we set off on the next leg of our journey. A stint of approximately 15km, to the southern beaches of the Island of Taquile. Due to the distance being relatively short we will have adequate time to visit the truly amazing community located on the island, do some Stand Up Paddleboarding or even just lie back on the white sand and let our minds wander between the cool blue waters and radiant sky.


Day 4:

Our final start launches us on to the homeward stretch back to the hotel. The distance is a little longer than 30km in total, but the tail wind helps us pick up a steady pace back towards Puno. We even carry a sail just to mix it up a little bit and allow you to focus on the breath-taking vistas that stretch off in every direction.


What should you bring?

A journey of this type requires appropriate clothing for the cold and possible wet conditions which we will face:

  • A base layer (trousers and top)
  • Gloves
  •  Warm hat
  • Wind proof or warm jacket
  • Warm socks
  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Long sleeved rash vest / lycra top
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun hat
  • Sun block
  • Head torch/lamp
  • Appropriate hiking boots
  • Back pack
  • Sandles


Whats included:

  • 2 x Polynesian outrigger canoes which can hold 5 passengers and a guide.
  • Safety equipment (life jacket, dry bags, binoculars, radios, first aid kit, jackets)
  • An independent safety boat.
  • All meals during the voyage.
  • Full camping amenities (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, kitchen/dining tent, chairs)
  • Stand Up Paddleboards at every stop
  • Properly trained guides.


Important points to consider: 

Security is our number one priority. A motorised boat will follow us at all times throughout the trip. This boat will be a licenced passenger cruiser that normally takes passengers between the various islands. These boats have on board bathrooms, safety equipment, extra staff and extra rowers to deal with any eventuality that may arise.

Participants may be exposed to low temperatures, so the kit list is not optional.

It is considered a fairly strenuous activity and will require a regular level of physical fitness. The boat following us will be able to relieve tired individuals, top up water and snacks and allow bathroom use as and when is necessary.

Despite the distances sounding vast the canoes are designed for just such journeys and on average achieve a speed or approximately 6kph. Each stage is divided in to two parts to maximise effort and rest periods alternately and we always aim to arrive in time for lunch.

The food has been calculated to be high in calories in lieu of what will be burnt during the activity itself. We aim to provide large amounts of selected foods that will help push us through the day.

We require a minimum of 5 pax in order to confirm a booking. The maximum number of passengers on any trip is 15 and this will allow adequate rest periods with the rotation mentioned.



The following tariffs are for our fixed date voyages.

Fixed public tariff        ---------> USD 390.00 

Tariffs for Private Journeys

Number of passengers                 Public price in USD

  • 1 to 5                           --------->         520.00
  • 6 to 10                         --------->         390.00
  • 11 to 15                         --------->         360.00      

The published prices are per passenger and in USD$
Price includes Peruvian taxes


Fixed dates for voyages:

The dates of departure coincide with the day the canoes leave Puno and the full moon schedule; these dates are fixed. Should a private voyage be desired, this can be arranged with the 5 passenger minimum.

  • 1/03/18
  • 29/04/18
  • 29/05/18
  • 27/06/18
  • 26/07/18
  • 24/08/18
  • 23/09/18
  • 22/10/18
  • 21/11/18